Tyrone Lawson Shooting: Teen Killed After Basketball Game Fight At CSU, 2 Arrested

A teen just weeks from his 18th birthday was shot to death in a Chicago State University parking lot Wednesday night following a prep basketball game between two rival schools.

Lawson died of his wounds within the hour and was pronounced dead at Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, reports NBC Chicago.

Lawson's mother dropped him off at the game, according to the Tribune, which pitted rival teams from Simeon Career Academy and Morgan Park High against one another. Comcast SportsNet reports the game was "clean throughout, but there was a minor verbal and physical altercation as the two teams were shaking hands afterwards."

After security ushered the the teams back to their separate locker rooms to cool tensions, CSN reports shots were fired and the building was put on lockdown.

University police issued an alert to look for a Jeep, which police pulled over shortly after the incident. The two people in the car were arrested and a gun was found in the vehicle, reports ABC Chicago.

CSU is investigating the incident and issued a statement saying the school is "deeply saddened by the tragic shooting death."

The University went on to note that Chicago Public Schools occasionally use CSU's facilities "to provide a neutral setting for student sporting events" and that security was beefed up for the event.

Violence has broken out at sports event between Simeon and Morgan Park before: last September, the Sun-Times reported a football game at Gately Stadium was cancelled in the third quarter after someone was stabbed.



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