Tyson Chandler Says Kevin Love 'Can't Play D' During Halftime Interview (VIDEO)

The Knicks are the last team in the NBA that should be criticizing anyone about their defense. They have had more than a few defensive lapses on the court this season (Exhibit A here). But at halftime of last night's Knicks/Timberwolves game, Tyson Chandler was asked about how he planned to take advantage of the fact that Kevin Love had spent most of the night guarding him. And he responded by taking a shot at Love's ability—or, in this case, inability—to play defense.

"Go at him," Chandler said. "He can't play D."

To his credit, Chandler backed up his words. He finished the game with 15 points and 14 rebounds—and the Knicks actually won! But still, the Knicks are now 22-40 on the season. So do they really have any right to take aim at the defense being played by other teams?



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