Cops Seek San Francisco Uber Attackers On Assault, Robbery Charges: Report

Viral video shows one passenger coughing on the driver and snatching his cellphone after he asked her to wear a mask. Another allegedly pepper-sprayed him.

Two Uber passengers who attacked their driver after he asked them to wear masks are now wanted on charges of assault and robbery, San Francisco TV station KPIX reported Wednesday.

Arna Kimiai and Malaysia King are the suspects in Sunday’s attack, according to the CBS affiliate, which cited an anonymous police source. San Francisco police wouldn’t confirm the report, but told HuffPost the investigation is continuing.

Parts of the attack were captured in viral video that showed the unmasked Kimiai coughing on the driver, snatching his cellphone and ripping off his face mask. King, the rider in red, is seen berating operator Subhakar Khadka as the confrontation unfolded.

One of them pepper-sprayed Khadka as the three passengers exited the vehicle and fled, police said. 

Khadka ended the ride before their destination because one of the women refused to wear a mask, cops said. That touched off the confrontation, during which Khadka said that the women also used racial taunts because of his South Asian background. 

As the video spread on social media, Kimiai took to Instagram to admit she was “wrong” and “disrespectful,” but accused Khadka of trying to drop them off in an unsafe neighborhood. 

Kimiai was banned by both Uber, which called the incident “appalling,” and rival Lyft.