Uber Driver Denies Ride To Woman In Labor, Still Charges $13

The charge was for the time he spent with her and her husband.
01/15/2016 12:39pm ET
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An Uber driver in New York left a woman in labor and her husband outside their apartment after seeing her vomit on the sidewalk. 

A woman in labor and her husband hit a snag before they were even on their way to the hospital when their assigned Uber driver denied his services.

According to Fortune, an Uber driver drove away from David Lee, his wife who was in labor, and the couple's birthing coach last November after seeing Lee's wife vomiting on the sidewalk. After the couple insisted they would pay to clean the car if Lee's wife became sick again, the Uber driver still refused to take them to the hospital. To top it all off, Fortune reports he charged the couple $13 for the time he spent with them.

A spokesperson from Uber responded to the couple's experience in a statement sent to The Huffington Post:

Denying service to a passenger in labor is unacceptable: it goes against our code of conduct and the standard of service our riders rely on. We extend our deepest apologies to both riders and have taken action to respond to this complaint. We are glad that the rider’s next driver was professional and courteous. As always, we will continue to ensure that all riders and drivers understand and the shared standard of respect, accountability, and courtesy for everyone in the Uber community.

According to Fortune, the couple welcomed a son at the hospital later that day after traveling with a different Uber driver, and the company refunded the $13. However, Lee claims he also faced obstacles from the company when attempting to learn more about the first driver "in order to pursue a complaint with New York’s taxi regulator." He later discovered more information in an email receipt.

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