Uber's Offering Something Better Than Rides This Thursday

Here's something everyone should take advantage of.

Good news: If you're too busy to make it to your doctor for a flu shot this year, the world's favorite ride-sharing service will bring one to you and pop it right into your arm.

Uber announced Tuesday that it will once again provide "UberHealth," an on-demand service that delivers "wellness packs" in addition to registered nurses who can administer flu shots for up to 10 people. A representative for Uber told The Huffington Post that the wellness pack includes a water bottle, recyclable tote bag, tissues, hand sanitizer and -- best of all -- a lollipop.

If you're in one of 35 participating cities, you can order UberHealth via the Uber app between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. this Thursday. It costs $10.

Uber will deliver "wellness packs" this Thursday.
Uber will deliver "wellness packs" this Thursday.

The company ran a similar program last year. It's hard to say if the campaign is much more than a publicity stunt (UberKittens, anyone?) because, yes, you could probably get a flu shot at a local clinic for free, and the four-hour window isn't exactly opening the door for everyone to get treated. 

Still, if you're procrastinating this year, you might as well cough up some cash and get Uber to pay your office a visit -- no one wants the flu when they should be chowing down on Thanksgiving turkey instead.

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