Uber Will Haul Your Spring Cleaning Donations To Goodwill For You

Frock yeah!

Don’t have the drive to deal with spring-cleaning? Uber wants to help you spring into action.

If you live in New York City and want to do a little de-cluttering on Saturday between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m., Uber will swing by your place, pick up your unwanted items and drop them off at Goodwill for you.

In order to take advantage of the promotion, which will be offered in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and the Bronx, the user chooses the promotions tab from the app's menu, enters the code “SPRINGCLEAN” and selects the "GIVE" option on the slider. Soon after, an SUV will show up at your pad to pick up your bagged donations.

Uber does note that you need to bag your items, and because drivers can’t leave their cars unattended, you have to bring your bag to their vehicle. But hauling your unwanted stuff from your stoop to an SUV is a small price to pay to do some good.

Uber has launched a number of social good initiatives, such as providing transportation for people with disabilities. But the company is also no stranger to controversy, as it has increasingly come under fire for issues relating to labor rights and driver employment classifications.

At the end of the day, we’ve got to hand it to Uber for making donating this convenient. It almost makes up for all that surge pricing we’ve paid.

Note: The Huffington Post's Editor-in-Chief Arianna Huffington is a member of Uber's board of directors, and has recused herself from any involvement in the site's coverage of the company.



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