Neither passengers nor drivers are allowed to bring guns into Uber vehicles.
The definitive .40 S&W pistol.
The definitive .40 S&W pistol.

Uber is cracking down on guns.

The company announced Friday that drivers and passengers alike are forbidden from carrying firearms while using the popular ride-sharing service. An Uber spokesperson told the Wall Street Journal that the policy change actually occurred on June 10, a full week before a gunman fatally shot nine people at a historic South Carolina church.

Uber, which is expected to make billions in revenue this year and is widely considered one of the leading tech companies today, sent a strong message with its anti-gun policy announcement: If the government won't pass gun control laws, businesses can take matters into their own hands.

The timing for Uber's official ban on firearms is appropriate: The ride-sharing service is just about to be legalized in South Carolina, where gun regulations are notoriously lenient.

Many other major businesses have issued restrictions on firearms -- Chili's, Panera and Target have all asked customers to refrain from bringing guns.

A poll last year found that the majority of Americans would prefer that restaurants and shops ban patrons from carrying weapons.

This story has been updated to include more specific information about firearm restrictions in different businesses.

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