Uber Will Offer 'Hummus On Demand' For All Tel Aviv Residents This Thursday

Holy hummus!

Uber Israel will deliver hummus to residents of Tel-Aviv this Thursday in celebration of Israel’s 67th Independence Day.

The special service is aptly called "Hummus on Demand," according to the company's press release, though "Holy Hummus" would also be appropriate. Upon request, drivers will deliver four pitas and a serving of hummus from the Jaffa restaurant Abu Hassan. Uber users will be charged 10 sheckles for both the meal and delivery, which equates to roughly $3 and is almost tempting enough to purchase a ticket to Israel.

All Tel Aviv residents have to do is log on to their Uber app, request their "Hummus on Demand" after 11 a.m. on Thursday, and then sit and wait. The waiting will probably take a while, considering everyone in the city will most likely want to partake.

If you'd like to make your own hummus rather than holding out for an Uber special, try one of the these 20 delicious recipes.

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Hummus Recipe