Here's How To Find Out What Your Uber Drivers Really Think About You

Brace yourself.

If you're a bad Uber passenger -- rude, demanding, occasionally intoxicated -- your drivers might be giving you bad reviews. 

Much as you rate your charioteer at the end of each Uber session, the driver gives you, the passenger, a rating from one to five stars. Whenever you ask for a ride via the Uber app, a driver makes the decision to pick you up based in part on that rating. So if your average is low, you're less likely to get a ride.

It's not obvious how to view your rating, but there is a way. As Mashable reported on Monday and Quartz in July, you can access an "I'd like to know my rating" option via the Uber app's help menu. 

Open your app, tap the "hamburger" menu icon in the upper left (those three lines stacked on top of one another), then select "Help." From there, choose "Account," then tap "I'd like to know my rating." Shortly thereafter, you'll receive an email disclosing your average rating. The closer to five, the better.

Lorenzo Ligato, an editorial fellow here at The Huffington Post, received his rating a few minutes after requesting it. His average: an admirable 4.7.

As of press time, I'd been waiting about an hour and my email still hadn't come, which makes me worry that the company is figuring out how to break some bad news to me. (Hey, at least I'll be in good company.)