UberTwitter Is Toast, But These Travel Twitterers Are Going Strong

UberTwitter Gone, But These Travel Twitterers Going Strong

UberTwitter bit the dust today (along with Twidroyd) for allegedly violating the Twitter's policies and trademarks, but will return as UberSocial.

Despite the shutdowns it hasn't stopped these travel twitterers from well, tweeting.

Influencersintravel.com ranks the top online influencers based on the Klout Score.

The Klout Score is essentially the measurement of a person's overall influence online, and these Tweeters earned high marks in the ranking scores.

@HuffPostTravel selected these twitterers from that list because we know they won't let the loss of UberTwitter get them down, and can be expected to carry on with quality travel tweeting goodness.

Want to know more about them? Check out their Twitter pages.

Paul Steele, AKA the "Bald Hiker": @paul_steele

JD Andrews: @earthxplorer

yTravelBlog: @yTravelBlog

Ross and Andy, Matadornetwork: @matadornetwork

HuffPost blogger Matt Kepnes: @nomadicmatt

Keith Jenkins: @velvetescape

Nellie Huang: @WildJunket

Ken Kaminesky: @KenKaminesky

Rick Griffin: @RickGriffin

Jodi Ettenberg: @legalnomads

Michael Hodson: @mobilelawyer

Other notables worth checking out are,

Benji Lanyado: @benjilanyado

Pauline Frommer: @PaulineFrommer

"Jetset" Farryn: @jetsetfarryn

Andrew Hickey: @BrooklynNomad

Johnny "Jet": @JohnnyJet

Who did we miss? Any more uber twitterers out there? Show some love in the comments below.

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