President Of Taxi Association Compares UberX To ISIS

Hot tip: When in doubt, don't compare something that is not a terrorist organization to a terrorist organization.

The President of the Pennsylvania Taxi Association, speaking at a Philadelphia Parking Authority board meeting on Tuesday, compared one arm of the car service Uber to the terrorist group ISIS.

"I try to equate this illegal operation of UberX as a terroristic act like ISIS invading the Middle East," Alex Friedman said. "It is exactly the same menace."

You read that right: Friedman said an app-based car service is exactly the same as a terrorist organization that murders innocent people.

UberX is the least-expensive branch of Uber, which the company claims is cheaper than taking a taxi in NYC.

Friedman is the general manager of All City and Checker Cab companies in Philadelphia. UberX launched in Philadelphia last summer, and since then the Philadelphia Parking Authority has been trying to shut it down, impounding UberX cars. UberX is illegal in Pennsylvania, as it's considered an unlicensed taxi service.

Still, UberX's actions are in no way "terroristic," as Friedman called them.

Here's a clip of Friedman, as captured by Plan Philly editor Jon Geeting:

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