8 Ubiquitous Menu Items We Don't Need To See Anymore

Part of the excitement of going out to a restaurant is the opportunity to sample dishes that are hard to replicate at home. Even if the dish isn't all that innovative, the restaurant should serve a good and solid version of it. It's satisfying to have a meal that tastes just right, whether it is a simple pasta entree or a 40-ingredient mole sauce.

There are a few restaurant dishes, however, that have become so ubiquitous that we can't help feeling a little disappointed when we see them on yet another menu. Although there are several great versions of these dishes that exist, many of the replicas fall a bit short. It makes sense why restaurants continue to include these dishes -- people sometimes like familiarity, and familiarity sells. Familiarity doesn't always equal quality, however.

That seems to be a recurring problem when a dish, at its core, is quite delicious. Everybody wants a piece, but not everybody can do it justice. But we suppose it's better to have too much of (what should be) a good thing rather than none at all.

Check out our list of cliched menu items in the slideshow below.

Dishes To See Less Often