UBS' 43-Page Dress Code Warns Employees Not To Show Underwear

Megabank's 43-Page Dress Code Warns Employees Not To Show Underwear

It took no fewer than 43 pages for the human resources department at the Swiss bank UBS AG to establish what bank personnel should consider acceptable corporate attire.

The Wall Street Journal has the goods on the clothing guidelines for the bank that was embroiled in a nasty tax evasion scandal that lead to UBS paying the U.S. government $780 million in fines.

The UBS look book commands that employees wear suits of dark grey, black or navy blue, since these colors "symbolize competence, formalism and sobriety."

Among the "dos" and "don'ts" for women: "Make sure to touch up hair regrowth regularly if you color your hair." Men are commanded to, "Schedule barber appointments every four weeks to maintain your haircut shape."

Neither sex is allowed to "allow their underwear to appear," wear short-sleeved shirts or, strangely, cuff links.

You can see the entire brochure here (courtesy of John Carney at CNBC's NetNet, who's pulled a French-language page that walks you through how to properly tie a proper tie.)

Read the entire WSJ piece here.

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