UC System Out-Of-State Enrollment Increases

More than a quarter of UC Berkeley students will not be California residents this year, up from 15% two years ago.

Berkeley, though the most dramatic example, is not the only UC School recruiting more out-of-state students. Out-of-state enrollment numbers have increased system wide.

Non-residents pay three times the tuition of in-state students which will certainly help the UC system, which is desperately hurting for cash. The newest California state budget reduced the system's state money by $650 million.

The LA Times has more:

UC admissions officials traveled widely last fall to recruit out-of-state students. UC officials emphasize that they are relatively late in pursuing such students and that many other public universities, such as those in Michigan and Virginia, enroll many more. Critics say it is another sign of what they contend is the privatization of California's public universities in response to state funding declines, and they warn that it will undermine political support for restoring funding.


"Demand from highly qualified and diverse California residents is stronger than ever," UC system President Mark Yudof told the San Francisco Chronicle."At the same time, several campuses have made progress in their goal to enroll a larger number of nonresident students."