Forget Tinder, 'Watchr' App Matches You Up Based On What TV Shows You Binge-Watch

Forget Tinder, This App Finds You A Date With An HBO GO Account

Is your chance of finding love ... remote?

So you've tried all the dating apps out there right? Tinder, Plenty Of Fish, Hinge, Bears & Pears, DateSPLOSION, 2 Match 2 Curious -- okay, we made a few of those up, but you get the idea. There are so many and none of them are working. Besides, who has time for dating when there are so many TV shows you're still not caught up on?

With "Watchr," a dating app parody from UCB Comedy's Los Angeles Digital, you can find people who are completely right for you according to what shows you need to catch up on. Haven't seen the last few episodes of "True Detective"? Boom, here's a person with an HBO GO account, now let the romance blossom!

There can be absolutely no downsides to this, we're sure of it.

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He didn't even stand a chance.

Ugh, Seriously, Autocorrect?!

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