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Fashion Conscious Students at the University of Chicago

When you haven't felt warmth for eight months and have two midterms back-to-back, it pays to at least love what you're wearing.
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UChicago is known for a few exceptional things: the numerous Nobel Laureates, Indiana Jones and the dreadful unofficial slogan "Where fun comes to die" among them. However, it's not the first school that comes to mind when thinking about fashion-forward students. Fair enough, as a collective student (and faculty) body, we're not going to win too many sartorial awards, but at least the cold weather aborts attempts to wear typical collegiate sweatpants. However, the sartorially conscious students make it worth suffering through the otherwise hipster-boots-in-the-summer wasteland.

It makes sense that kids who spend a lot of time sifting through arduous material in the classroom would want to express themselves through fashion, usually more tangible than Aristotle or Bio-Chem problem sets. And when you haven't felt warmth for eight months and have two midterms back-to-back, it pays to at least love what you're wearing.

This Fashionista represents the best of fashion at UChicago. This outfit is at once playful, structured and most importantly, individualistic. Trends can be fun, but the most inspiring Fashionistas/os always leave you in awe in a way that ubiquitous trends never can.
What I love most about this outfit is definitely her accessories -- silver jewelry, watch and earrings. Pairing two statement bracelets on the same arm is something I'm wary of doing because one bangle could outshine the other, however this Fashionista proves that actually it creates a more striking composition, complementing each other perfectly. As if her bracelets and watch weren't cool enough, she wears glass earrings in the shape of pumpkins from Barcelona.

I'm not one to usually wear an outfit as girly as this, but I love that she added an edge to a simple button-up and skirt combo by utilizing contrasting, bright colors. None of the colors she wears -- lime green, hot pink, baby pink and tan -- really "match" per se, however they all complement each other really well.

Lastly, what I love most about this Fashionista is what I love about all of the true Fashionistas/os at UChicago -- confidence to take sartorial risks and remain true to their personal styles. What all of the people that make me stare longer than appropriately at their outfits have in common is the innovativeness to create new mishmashes from clothing each day and have the courage to wear it even if they know it's a bit left field.

Amanya Maloba is a fourth year student at the University of Chicago. She is currently training for her first marathon and writing her first book. She is a lover of butter, A Tribe Called Quest, ballet, London, and novels.

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