UCKG Church Ad Pulled: "Blessed Oil" Promised To Cure Heart, Lung Problems

We're all familiar with the bold, hard-to-believe claims of ad copy. But curing diseases? A British church has had a controversial ad pulled over claims that its "blessed oil" cured serious heart and lung defects (Hat tip to BuzzFeed.)

The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God put up the poster in various locations in Britain, but it drew the ire of the British Humanist Association and the Advertising Standards Authority. The church has recently been the target of massive fraud claims, including charges that a Brazil-based church leader siphoned off billions from the organization.

Here's U.K.'s Telegraph on the British ad's claims:

"My son was born with a heart problem. After a party he started bleeding from the mouth. I rushed him to hospital and the specialist said he had 16 loose arteries.

"He went into a coma, his heart stopped and both his lungs collapsed. Doctors and specialists expected him to die. At the UCKG I was given some blessed oil to anoint my son with.

"Now that his heart and lungs are better I thank the UCKG for all the spiritual support I received."

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