Does UCSC's 'Consent Is Sexy' Campaign Miss The Point?

This student argues there's another point to be made about consent.

The University of California, Santa Cruz launched its "Consent is Sexy" campaign this month, but some students say the well-intentioned slogan completely misses the point.

Dieter Holger, a student at UC Santa Cruz and HuffPost campus editor-at-large, told HuffPost Live he worried the "sexy" aspect made it sound like getting consent was an option, rather than the law.

"Consent is a mandatory thing, and I think it's important to raise awareness about consent, but not necessarily in this context of it's sexy or trendy, but rather the serious nature of the fact that … consent is mandatory," Holger said. "I think a campaign that even has the slogan 'consent is mandatory' would be just as effective, if not more effective."

While Holger isn't satisfied with the slogan and tactics of the current campaign, he pressed the importance of spreading the word about affirmative consent on campus.

"We are dealing with an epidemic of sexual violence across campuses, public and private. So there absolutely does need to be government in the bedroom in this situation," he said. "We need to take action, and we do need to raise awareness about these issues."

Watch the full HuffPost Live conversation about UC Santa Cruz's campaign here.

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