UFC Fight Pass Gets Hip Hop Legend Status with Eric B and Flavor Flav

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General Manager of UFC Fight Pass merges Old School and New
General Manager of UFC Fight Pass merges Old School and New
Eric Winter, Senior Vice President, UFC

It was Conor McGregor who took the win over Nate Diaz in a clear cut fight of the year match. Both men fought hard and although McGregor controlled the first and second match, Diaz won the third round with ease despite being dropped twice he kept coming strong. McGregor seemed to make adjustments from the first matchup while Diaz did not; there were opportunities to check kicks that Diaz did not take. The adjustments McGregor made kept him in control of the action. Rounds 3 and 5 appeared to go in Nick Diaz’ favor but according to the judges he just didn’t do enough to out score the Irishman who has not evened the tally at 1-1. Diaz said he will not fight again until he is given a rematch against McGregory.

These two warriors landed 330 significant strikes, second most in UFC history. According to UFC President Dana White, Conor McGregor must defend his featherweight title in his next match or vacate the belt.

FFC now being served at Rock House Bar at the Venetian on the Las Vegas Strip
FFC now being served at Rock House Bar at the Venetian on the Las Vegas Strip
Flavor Flav's Fried Chicken

Although McGregor and Diaz brought down the house, it was Eric Winter who raised the roof at UFC 202 in Las Vegas when he came in the door (I said it before) with Hip Hop Royalty. With Trump and Clinton making headlines in their race to the White House, it is Eric B who is President and on Saturday Night his running mate was none other than Flavor Flav. YEAH BOY!

The God Father of Rap, Eric B., of Eric B. and Rakim was in the house along with Public Enemy’s iconic hype man Flavor Flav. They arrived in time to catch the UFC Fight Pass bouts leading up to the long awaiting Diaz and McGregor rematch.

Stayed tuned for more amazing mixtures of yesterday and today, on UFC Fight Pass, with original content coming your way through a coalition of entertainment impresarios the likes of Lex McMahon, Louis “Uncle Louie” Gregory and Executive Producer Eric B.

The UFC Social Media Director Shanda Maloney held down the UFC Social Media feeds in record fashion and UFC 202 was one of the most socially integrated events in UFC history.

Who knows what will happen at the next big UFC event? UFC 205 is poised to be a monumental event as it will be the first of it’s kind in NYC. Perhaps Eric B. will bring New York’s Rap Elite to the Octagon. Maybe Aljamain Sterling will walk to the Octagon to Paid In Full if he is on the card that night. One thing is for certain, if I am going to be headed to Madison Square Garden in November for this show, I will be with Eric B and we will both be on a Liberty Helicopter and with a little coaxing, Michael Strahan will pick me up in a 2017 Jaguar XJ. Yeah Boy!

Stay locked in because I will always bring you the haps on what’s popping off in my world, no matter where my adventures take me and keep an eye out for Sprint’s CEO Marcelo Claure and let’s see if he is game to “get on the choppa” like he says...or if he’ll have to settle for reading about it and watching my video’s from his iPhone on the only true unlimited data network.