UFO Found In Baltic Sea? (VIDEO)

Team Finds Possible UFO At The Bottom Of Baltic Sea

A team of shipwreck hunters that found a strange circular object on the floor of the Baltic Sea in 2011 now says they have discovered visual evidence of a second "disc-like shape" some 200 meters from the original find, CNN reports.

Peter Lindberg, who leads the group, previously joked to CNN that the first object they found 300 feet below the surface might be an unidentified flying object.

When the object, which has a diameter of 195 feet, was first discovered in June of last year, many believers thought it was a wrecked UFO that had crashed onto the seafloor and left behind a path of destruction measuring some 900 feet, according to News.com.au.

The imaging technique involves pulling a sonar "towfish" -- that essentially looks sideways underwater -- behind a boat, where it creates sound echoes to map the sea floor below.

The team is waiting until the spring to further investigate their intriguing discovery.

According to Yahoo News, the Baltic Sea is a hotbed for salvaged items.

"Right now, we know about 20,000 objects, mostly shipwrecks, in the Baltic Sea. But I think there may be more than 100,000," sonar expert Ardreas Olsson told Yahoo News. "I'm not sure what you will see when you go down. But I'm excited. It's going to be interesting to see what it is."


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