UFO Mysteriously Appears In Aspiring Rapper's Hip-Hop Video (VIDEO)

WATCH: Is That Flashing Light In This Hip-Hop Video A UFO?

Like many musicians, San Diego-based rapper Cesar Tellez would like to become one of the biggest stars in the world.

But if a strange object that appears in the back of a video he filmed in November is, as he believes, a UFO, it could be a sign he has truly universal appeal.

Tellez, who performs under the stage name "Crhymes," said the flashing orb mysteriously appears in the background of a video he was filming for a song called "Everyday."

"But what I saw is not something you see every day," he told HuffPost Weird News. "I didn't notice it until I was doing post-production, but there is a strange flash in the sky."

Tellez and his co-stars were filming outside an indoor swap meet in his neighborhood, and at one moment of shooting, a mysterously glowing object appears that is similar to the so-called "Phoenix Lights" that appeared in Arizona on March 8.

Tellez doesn't think that's the case with this strange orb of light.

"I know there"s no power lines back there," he told SDCitybeat. "I know there’s no military bases shooting off rockets."

Paranormal investigator Benjamin Radford looked at the video and believes there are two possible explanations besides it being a UFO.

"First, it could be reflecting sunlight. If you look at the video, there are a lot of people waving cell phones and wearing, uh, 'bling,'" he told HuffPost Weird News. "That can cause lens flare, especially when the sun is low in the sky. Or it could be simply a plane reflecting sunlight."

But Tellez is certain that the mysterious orb in his video is not a reflection, as he has made at least four videos under similar situations and never saw anything like the orb.

"The orb is giving off the light," Tellez told HuffPost Weird News. "It's not a glare or reflection. I know what that would look like."

But Radford says the most telling evidence that it is not a UFO is what isn't there: Lots of corroborating reports.

"The fact that nobody else noticed a UFO and he only noticed in post production suggests it probably wasn't a UFO," Radford said.

Tellez also sent the video to Miguel Saucedo, a San Diego-based video editor who also researches UFOs. Like Radford, Saucedo believes the strange spot is actually caused by the reflection of a plane.

However, he believes that Tellez isn't making up the sighting to promote his music.

"I absolutely believe he is sincere," Saucedo said.

Regardless of what it is and isn't, the sighting has affected Tellez.

"I believe in UFOs, but I wasn't deep into it," he admitted. "Now I can see myself diving into it more, but I wasn't doing this for publicity.

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