'UFO Phil' Plans To Build UFO Gas Station On Alcatraz Island

California Man Plans To Build UFO Gas Station On Alcatraz Island

UFO Phil has big plans now that he has completed his move from the mountain peaks of Colorado to the sunny California seaside. Not only is he working on a tan, but he is also planning to build a full-sized pyramid on Alcatraz Island.

The comedy songwriter and filmmaker said his design, which he calls the "Great Pyramid of Alcatraz," was inspired by Egypt's Great Pyramid of Giza.

Phil, whose real name is Phil Hill, claims the Egyptian pyramid was designed by extraterrestrials and once served as a massive stone power station.

In interviews with The Huffington Post, Peter King of CBS and other media outlets, Hill, 39, said he is in possession of "secret blueprints and schematics" crafted by beings from another galaxy. Those blueprints reportedly reveal a "secret formula" for using Egyptian pyramids to generate hydrogen power.

Appearing on the popular radio show "Coast to Coast AM," Hill expressed his desire to "beam free energy to the world." He later said that energy would come from a full-sized stone pyramid 755 feet wide at the base. Alcatraz is less than 600 feet across, but Hill has a solution: "One corner of the pyramid will have to rest on a very tall undersea pylon until I can make the island bigger," he said.

Hill said he is already working with the National Park Service, the agency in charge of Alcatraz Island.

"They contacted me in July, and we are reviewing permits in preparation for a 2012 construction date," Hill told The Huffington Post.

The National Park Service did not respond to a request for comment, and has announced no plans to work with Hill on a pyramid for the island.

According to Hill, aliens have also instructed him to erect a slightly smaller pyramid behind the Hollywood Sign in Los Angeles. It would serve as a backup generator "in case Alcatraz is compromised," he said.

In February, Hill announced a similar plan to build a giant pyramid on top of Pikes Peak in Colorado -- to be used by both humans and aliens. That plan never got very far.

Hill is also planning to hold a live concert for extraterrestrials on June 10, 2012, to correspond with the arrival of aliens on Earth, an event foretold centuries ago by the Mayans, according to Hill. The show will take place in California at the site of the legendary 1967 Monterrey Pop Festival.

A published composer, documentary filmmaker and self-proclaimed "man of science," Hill has appeared alongside actor and comedian Tom Green. His single "Listening to Coast to Coast" serves as a theme song for "Coast to Coast AM" on the Premiere Radio Network.


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