UFO Sightings In Canada Doubled In 2012, Breaking Previous Record

UFO Sightings Double In Canada

Canadians saw more UFOs than ever before. In 2012, 1,981 sightings (compared to 986 in 2011) were reported. That's almost double the previous annual record of 1,004 reports in 2008, according to CBC News.

"It's something across the board," said Canadian science writer Chris Rutkowski, director of Ufology Research, who has compiled the Canada UFO report since 1989. "People in Canada were actually looking up into the sky more [in 2012] than in previous years."

CBC News acquired documents under the Canadian Access to Information Act, indicating that government no longer has an interest in investigating UFOs.

Watch this CBC News report on the Canada UFO surge:

Last year's UFO sightings were collected by civilian groups, who forward the information to Rutkowski.

"It is very easy to report online, anonymously, without any worry about judgment or retribution, so I think it is very likely people will be reporting things more often to civilian organizations," Rutkowski told CBC News.

The types of UFOs reported throughout Canada include typically seen disc-shaped objects, large squares, triangular black craft, balls of fire and even objects shaped like guitar picks.

Most UFO reports, whether in Canada, the U.S. or anywhere else in the world, can be easily explained after any serious investigation. Rutkowski estimates that 7.5 percent of last year's Canadian UFOs remain -- even temporarily -- unexplained.

"While there is no real difference between an average person seeing an unidentified thing in the sky and a pilot or police officer, there is every reason to think there are actually more things in the sky these days to be concerned about," according to Doubtful News.

"We have remote-controlled toys, balloons, Chinese lanterns, even deliberate hoaxes that people are making. Add to this the regular things in the sky that people mistake for weird, like normal aircraft, Venus, satellites or the moon.

"Just because there are a lot of unidentified things in the sky does not mean we are being invaded by aliens."

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