UFO Sightings Map: What Weird UFO Shape Does Your State See?

UFO sightings were big in 2013.

We know that a lot of them will turn out to be drones. But it doesn't change the fact that people in every state are seeing weird shapes in the sky -- more than 6,500 of them just last year, according to the Mutual UFO Network's data.

Outer Places, a UFO News aggregation site with ties to the UFO Museum in Roswell, N.M., turned MUFON's 2013 data into the awesome graphic below. It shows that most of us see spheres when we call in to report UFOS. Others see stars, fireballs, circles and discs.

It turns out that Vermont, Arizona and Maine are the most paranoid out there. Using info from the graphic, The Washington Post pointed out that those three states have about four sightings per 100,000 people, more than any other state. Additionally, Montanans see more fireballs than any other weird UFO shape.

After you're done, check out this Bigfoot graphic, which shows 92 years of 'Squatch sightings across the United States.