Mike Coletta: A True UFO Geek (VIDEO)

"If a location is worth investigating, it is also worth researching and exploring in depth. Don't just hit and run a place. Sometimes I will look for information on a place or people associated with it for a number of years. It's like I get connected with it or them."
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Take me to your leader, Mike. In this day and age, it never grows old as the topic of extraterrestrial life goes on and on and on. Much like the way of our universe and its vast spaciousness, dark corners and never-ending stories. Web toed, gill-breathing and all, Mike Coletta, is a real-life true UFO Geek who also tells me he is a freestyle djembe player as well. I do a mean game of backgammon myself if I must say but he's better at playing his music, could appear on the show Glee, than me at wining my game. Featured on A&E and BIO's show My Ghost Story Mike also has served 31 years as a Government Civil Servant and 4 years in the U.S. Air Force, on active duty from 2001 - 2011.

From Air Force Space Command, Space and Missile Center to Launch and Test Range Systems (LTRS), he has seen and done it all when it comes to having military experience with technical development and management as part of his background. He is the perfect geek to be had for any UFO enthusiast and researcher alike and commands not just from Cape Canaveral, FL and Patrick AFB, FL but a different type of a command which is the intelligent understanding that perhaps other life forms do indeed... exist.

Alexandra Holzer: You're known to the Paranormal Community as The UFO Geek but you began your work as a Government Civil Servant. Can you tell your fans about that life?

Mike Coletta: I sure can. My first job in the government was as a police officer. It was a kind of continuation of my military duties. After that I moved on to become more involved with electronics. That was a job that required some knowledge of circuit design and function. Luckily, I had studied that kind of stuff in junior college and technical school, so I soon became pretty good at it. I even instructed others in software and hardware design and testing. I eventually got a job working for Air Force Space Command, where I work today. I support the ground systems for the launch ranges on the east and west coast.

AH: To many when they read your profile they soon learn how intelligent you are and well-versed as you also served four years in the U.S Air Force on Active Duty. Did you experience anything unusual? What was that like?

MC: I was in the Air Force in the mid to late 70s. Being a cop, I got to experience a good number of interesting things, some I can't talk about. It wasn't always gate duty, but that was fun too. I really enjoyed working on the flight line, since I enjoy watching aircrafts. Being on the law enforcement side, I didn't have to guard too many planes, like the security troops did. But I volunteered once in awhile, just to see some of cool planes, up close and personal. One I remember very well is the C-5 that carried the first minuteman missile to be launched from the rear of the plane. It was a first-time test. Yep, I was the guy who guarded that one, the day before they successfully test launched it. I was stationed in Utah, and then in W. Germany. Just did one tour in the AF, then I got out.

AH: Let's talk about why you call yourself The UFO Geek. What's behind the name and when did your interest in Extraterrestrial life take shape?

MC: The name UFO Geek came from my youngest sister. My family knew I liked the mystique of flying saucers and ETs, so during a conversation they stuck the name on me, even suggesting I get that website, which I did. I read a lot about saucers, sighting, and the such, when I was younger. It wasn't until 2003 that I actually got to visit the UFO Capitol, Roswell NM. I've been back there a few more times, too. I still like to read and hear stories about UFO and all things associated with them. Even though I really don't think there are as many UFOs out there as there are sighting numbers, I do believe they exist, and that they will arrive here some day. That day will be a very interesting one. I did see a couple of UFOs, once. My wife and I were sitting on our porch, when two silver objects flew overhead. I put what I captured on my YouTube page. It's not much, but it sure was interesting. Working for space command I did have access to that secret base inside the mountain. Each time I went in there, I looked for the Star Gate, but never seemed to find it. Isn't that where the TV show said they kept it? I have not been to Area 51, though... yet.

AH: Can you tell us about some of your personal experiences within the Paranormal Community, your top two that was a game changer for you?

MC: I've done a good number of investigations around the country. I've seen and heard some very interesting things. And I've created a number of unique devices which I use during my investigations. Each investigation is an experience, and there is much to learn during each event. The stories and history associated with the locations I have visited give me the most pleasure. It's not just about walking around, taking measurements, recording EVPs, and filming shadows that creep down a wall. Researching needs to be a big part of it, as does a sensing of the surroundings. If a location is worth investigating, it is also worth researching and exploring in depth. Don't just hit and run a place. Sometimes I will look for information on a place or people associated with it for a number of years. It's like I get connected with it or them. The top two game changers for me, were my investigation of the Stanley Hotel, and my accidental capture of a crypt door in rapid motion at our local cemetery. The third has to be my discovery of a unique and haunted Inn in Cripple Creek, CO, once owned by a famous astrologer. At the Stanley, they let me test some of my devices for the first time, and they even put me up in room 401 for free. The crypt door event got me on national TV, one of those cable network ghost shows... Not the hunting kind though. The Cripple Creek Inn has a special meaning, as I was told I was associated with the astrologer in a past life. This being told to me by a famous psychic to the stars.

AH: What new projects are you currently working on that your fans can look forward to?

MC: Well, as I write this I have two separate cable networks interested in me for a couple of stories. I am talking with both, one being a continuation, for the third season of their show, while the other is a major network too, but with a new show idea. So, you may see me in season 3 on one network, and on a brand new show for another network's season 1. I guess I'll have to just wait and see if all goes according to plan, their plan. And I've got some future investigations lined up. That's always fun.

For more information on Mike Coletta, please go to: http://www.ufogeek.com

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