UFOs Light Up The Melbourne Sky [VIDEO]

WATCH: UFOs Light Up The Melbourne Sky

UFOs are reported all over the world, and over the weekend, they made an appearance in the skies above Melbourne, Australia.

Three very bright objects were videotaped maneuvering in a variety of ways, as well as turning their lights on and off as part of the show, reports the International Business Times.

At approximately 1:52 of the video -- posted to YouTube by FindingUFO -- one of the odd lights suddenly shoots away, seemingly from ground level, at incredibly fast speed.

Watch these Melbourne, Australia UFOs maneuver around in the sky in early February:

While the individual who took the videotape doesn't provide any personal information, commenters to the video suggest they, too, have seen similar light shows in the sky.

According to onlyMelbourne.com, "We receive UFO sighting reports in Melbourne at the rate of one a week. The vast majority are lights at night, and a few with a video evidence."

And then there's Lou20764, who (Warning! Warning!) has posted several UFO videos on his YouTube channel, like the one below, where he writes: "One of the most amazing sights I have ever recorded. Objects not visible to naked eye. 'Invasion' may be the wrong title, but that's what I felt. I hope they are benevolent."

In the UFO world, people who are known as "repeaters" are almost always immediately considered suspect. The more times you claim to photograph something unusual, the less credibility you seem to have.

Since we at Huffington Post don't tend to pass judgment, we leave it to you to decide if Lou20764's following UFO armada video, from Melbourne in November, is legit or not.

UFO videographer Lou20764 uses an infrared camera to allegedly shoot many unexplained aerial objects.

"When I first started, I used to get a few captures per week, then every day," he writes in the comments section of his video. "Whatever 'they' are, there are lots of them -- all over the world."

UFOs have many explanations. Try some of these on for size:

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