WATCH: July Brings An Eye-Popping Burst In UFO Sightings (VIDEO)

WATCH: July Brings An Eye-Popping Burst In UFO Sightings

On July 2, 2011, a group of glowing orbs was seen floating over an area of Moscow, and on a video that captured them, they appear to change back and forth from white to orange.

It's yet another UFO video that has shown up on the Internet for all to see.

Problem is, as in most of these mini sky shows, it's difficult to prove whether an enthusiastic videographer has captured, finally, a true alien visitation to Earth, or something more mundane, like simple Chinese lanterns (which are often misidentified UFOs).

In this case, as a jet reportedly flew near the aerial objects, all of them except one turned off their lights. One online blogger wrote: "This proves the orbs thought they may be fired upon, so the majority of them cloaked."

UFOs Over Earth

UFOs? Maybe They're Just...

Really? The orbs "thought"? So far, there's been no official explanation coming out of Russia about these lights.

And by the way, have you ever wondered why, if aliens really are zipping around in our skies and are being videotaped, with such obvious sophisticated technology, why would they even need lights on their ships? Are their driving skills at about the same level as ours? You'd think that an advanced race of beings wouldn't need to rely on multi-colored lights to find their way around and not bump into each other. Just a thought.

The UFOs seen over Russia during the 4th of July weekend weren't the only ones caught on video in recent days. Three bright lights were videotaped over Moline, Il., on July 4, looking nothing like typical fireworks.

Also on Independence Day, strange glowing objects revealed themselves over Middleburg, Fl.

And on the same night, orange-colored lights showed up in the sky above North Canton, Ohio.

What do you think? Did ETs add excitement to the holiday fireworks experience? If you happened to capture something extraordinary on video, tell us about it. And if you'd like to share your video, send it to

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