Are Uggs Really That Bad? (PHOTOS)

Admit it: you've got at least one pair lurking in your closet.

Ugg Australia boots (affectionately known to us as Uggs), the Australian shearling-lined footwear worn primarily by surfers to keep their feet warm after cold mornings in the water, became mainstream in the early aughts. Stars like Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson were often spotted in sunny L.A. in the cozy shoes. Like Juicy tracksuits, they made up a uniform: plush sweats, Ugg boots and a Balenciaga bag was the look of choice for the "It" girls of that time.

Since then, the boots have fallen out of favor with the fashionable set. Don't get us wrong, there is truly nothing as comfortable as Ugg boots, but in terms of style, they are lacking. The dull brown hue, often-scuffed exterior and slouchy tops can look sloppy (especially when paired with the aforementioned tracksuit).

The ease of wear is unparalleled. All one needs to do is pull them on and you're dressed and ready to fight the freezing temps (or, if you're in L.A., brave the 60 degree weather. That said, Uggs' casual nature is just that -- casual.

Not ready to give up your Uggs? Don't stress. Here, four guidelines on wearing the furry footwear:

1. Consider the occasion. Uggs are OK for walking around a ski town (though we think L.L.Bean boots are a more stylish -- and waterproof -- option).

2. All bets are off when traveling. The furry footwear passes when dealing with the hassle of the TSA.

3. Uggs are not OK in the office. Would you wear sweatpants to work? No. Then don't wear the sweatpants equivalent for your feet.

4. If you are going to rock your Uggs, please refrain from taking them to the next level of outlandishness. Sequins, sparkles, bright hues and the like should be avoided at all costs.

Sarah Jessica Parker & James Wilkie Broderick

Celebrities Wearing Uggs (Or Ugg Knockoffs...)

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