Uggs Cause Chlamydia & Other Misguided Claims About Sheepskin Boots

Sometimes a snide remark or joke veers down a totally mistaken path. A writer at Richmond, Va.-based RVA magazine is finding himself at the end of that unfortunate road, as his snarky column about Uggs comes under fire.

Now we have our issues with Uggs (or at least the way they look -- they feel like Heaven on your feet) as much as the next fashion-savvy girls. But we would pause before suggesting that Ugg boot wearers are inclined to contract STDs.

That's what writer Britt Sebastian did in a column we're sure was intended to be funny but, well, wasn't. Jezebel snapped a screenshot before the post was taken down. The intro went something like this:

I will henceforth dissect the anatomy of an UGG boot through a measurement system I have been developing for years. I call it the (patent-pending) "Scale of Whoredom." If you've owned or worn any pair of these boots, you should probably be in line at your local Planned Parenthood right now waiting to get tested.

It gets worse, as the author suggests that anyone who has "been with" (sexually, we presume) a girl who's recently worn Ugg boots, "you have chlamydia."

Beyond our recommendation not to take medical advice from journalists, we'd offer another tip: if you're going to insult an article of clothing, just insult the item itself and not the wearer. Even if you do include this disclaimer:

DISCLAIMER: The views expressed in this article are the author's own and do not reflect RVA Magazine editorial policy (that goes double for this particular article). Additionally, they are presented for humorous purposes, so don't take this shit too seriously.

Read the column in its entirety on And if you're still brave enough to buy Uggs, they are still selling them online at