Uggs Are More Popular Than You Think & More Fun Facts From Beso's Shoe Survey

All winter long, we asked ourselves: Are Uggs really that bad? Sure, they're hideous and there are lots of alternatives... but if they're good enough for Kate Middleton, they're good enough for us.

Apparently, 26 percent of American women agree. A new shoe survey conducted by reveals that more than a quarter of you own a pair of Uggs. As part of a partnership with Racked in honor of Shoe Week, Beso polled over 6,750 people to determine that data and other interesting info on how women buy and wear footwear.

Which other facts are unbelievable? Take a look at the full survey below.

shoe survey

If they can wear them, so can you:

Celebrities Wearing Uggs (Or Ugg Knockoffs...)

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