The Ugliest Colleges: Picks Its List Of Unattractive Schools

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An ugly campus can be attributed to any number of reasons: misguided '70s architecture, poorly mixed styles or homogeneity so extreme that even seniors find themselves getting lost. However, there is no alibi: You ugly., arbiters of taste and good sense for the discerning bro, recently ticked off the ugliest campuses in the country and agreed to share its findings. HuffPost College should note this list is much different than the Princeton Review's more diplomatically named list of "The Least Beautiful Campuses", in that it takes into consideration off-campus areas as well. This makes sense to us, but let BroBible explain its thinking.

"The beauty of being beautiful (yep), is that in order for the word to actually mean something, it must be properly protected and preserved -- i.e., if everything was beautiful, nothing would be beautiful. Meaning: we need the uglies," BroBible writes, somewhat heavily.

College campuses are often praised for s*** that is good looking -- humans, campuses, weather, the list goes on. Just pick up any school's promotional brochure and look at all the fluffy language. So naturally, we figured it was high time to honor the other end of the spectrum--those who are just awful to look at, and those who find beauty in being, well, not attractive.

So, here we go. Be sure to let us know in the comments anything BroBible may have missed, or simply express yourself by clicking "Like" or "Dislike" on the slides.

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10. University of Maryland, College Park, Md.

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