Experts Say THIS Is The Ugliest Color In The World

Do not paint your bedroom this color. 🙈
PhotoAlto/Frederic Cirou via Getty Images

When choosing paint colors for your home, you'll encounter a whole bunch of earthy tones that warm up a room and create a sense of drama.

But opaque couché -- also known by its technical name, Pantone 448 C -- is too much drama for its own good.

A team of Australian researchers named Pantone 448 C the ugliest color in the world after surveying some 1,000 people over seven separate studies in 2012. Respondents described the "sewage-tinted" color as "tar," "dirty" and "death," according to Brisbane Times. We can't help but agree.

WARNING: The color pictured below may cause serious nausea, panic or instinctive recoil. View at your own risk.


Now before we totally write it off, let us consider the redeeming qualities of Pantone 448 C. We imagine it's what you'd get if you combined all the top paint colors for 2016, for whatever that's worth. And earth tones are hot for home exteriors, and Pantone 448 C is pretty darn earthen.

What's more, the color is SO ugly that some countries have started putting it on cigarette boxes to dissuade potential smokers from buying a dangerous product. Hooray for Pantone 448 C, making a public impact!

But at the end of the day, nobody should paint their home this color, because everyone will hate it. It's research-backed science! For some sizzling alternatives, check out our latest coverage of paint colors.

Happy painting!

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