The Ugliest Footwear Ever: A Deathmatch

There are some topics in the fashion industry that are inherently controversial. The great debate over real fur vs. fake fur still wages on, the term "plus-size model" continues to incite rage amongst many and, of course, there will always be arguments over Ugg boots. It seems as though everyone has an opinion on heinous footwear, but which pair is the most offensive? Crocs? Creepers? How about Tevas?

To settle the great debate once and for all, we're asking you, America, to let us know which footwear is the ugliest. Unfortunately we had to narrow down our list for our bracket (you escaped us this time, Birkenstocks), but there are still some pretty hideous options.

Here's how the Ugliest Footwear Ever voting will go down:

  • Round One voting opens August 1 -- vote right now!
  • Friday, August 2 at 9:00am Eastern, Round Two begins.
  • Saturday, August 3 at 9:00am Eastern, you'll be able to vote in Round Three.
  • Sunday morning, August 4, we'll announce which shoe won the battle.

*We're aware that there are far more ugly shoes than our meager eight spots allow, so if we missed any truly unfortunate footwear, let us know in the comments below!

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