Ugly Betty's Michael Urie Not Shocked At Cancellation


Like millions of other fans of the popular ABC series, Ugly Betty, I was shocked when I got the news of the show's impending cancellation. I had to find out exactly what went down and how the cast was taking it. Fortunately, I knew exactly who to call upon, funny man, Michael Urie who plays, Marc St. James.

Michael, were you shocked when you got the news?

Not shocked, but still saddened. Secretly hoped we had one more move in us, back to one of our former time slots.

How did your fellow cast members take the news?

Everyone is sad, but still enjoying each other and the material. We are very lucky to have a solid two month period to savor every last moment. It's a lucky thing to know when the end is, many shows do not.

Now that the show's been cancelled, what's next for you?

"Becki and Michael is Broadway" at Feinstein's (Feb. 21) and The Temperamentals off-Broadway (opens Feb. 28). Other than that- the world is my oyster! And I like cocktail sauce!

As a big fan of series, I do hope that others will rally together and start a letter writing campaign to keep the show on the air.

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