These Men's Swimsuits Might Make You Uncomfortable, In So Many Ways

But Borat would love them.

When it comes to shopping for a man's swimsuit, there are so much subjective elements to consider. The length, the color, the fit, the ... level of appropriateness.

Alibaba, the Chinese online supergiant marketplace poised to make online shopping a huge industry by 2020 (it's aiming to become a $1 trillion dollar industry and serve 900 million shoppers), sure does leave a lot to be desired.

Clothes are easier to get now than ever before, but as you shop for swimsuits this year, please, please, please, please for the love of sunlight and warmth and children playing at the beach and public decency, be careful what you buy from Alibaba. In our search for summer swimwear, we couldn't help but notice that the vendor sells a LOT of suits that leave little to the imagination. We of course wanted to share our findings with you. Enjoy.

(In case you actually want to buy them, you'll notice that the prices are very cheap -- that's because most of the vendors selling the suits on Alibaba require a minimum order quantity.)