25 Cheeky Photos That Celebrate The Wonders Of 'Ugly' Fruit And Vegetables

Warning: Some are NSFW.

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Are there any side effects associated with “ugly” produce?

How about laughter?

Sometimes, fruit and vegetables grow in such a funny way that they seem to take on their own personalities. Or just look totally NSFW.

Sadly, these unique foodstuffs are often discarded at various points along the supply chain solely due to their appearance.

Some grocery stores are making inroads into selling the so-called “ugly veg,” but more need to follow suit.

With that in mind, we’ve decided to celebrate the warped wonders of “wonky veg” ― and the people who buy, sell and eat them ― with this collection of amusing pictures:

High-Five This Chili Pepper

Our chillies really pack a punch! #wonkyveg

A photo posted by Riverford (@riverford) on

The Tomato Bird

When your tomato decides it'd rather be a bird. #tomato #veggies #wonkyveg

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Koala Potato

Koala potato says hello! 🐨

A photo posted by L I V I S T R A T I O N S (@livistrations) on

Parsnip Lovers

Parsnips can fall in love too you know. #vegetablelove #wonkyveg

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Nosy Tomato
Cheeky Squash

Thanks Sainsbury's, you made my weekend. #squash #rudeveg #rudefood

A photo posted by Chris Price (@mynameischrisprice) on

Pleased As A Parsnip

A smiley good afternoon from our parsnip friend!

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Not The Onion?

#onion #funnyveg #funnyvegetables #weirdveg #mademesmile #facesinveg ##vegface

A photo posted by tina rossi (@tina_rossi2) on

Creepy Carrot

Is it just me or does this Carrot have an evil face! #scareyveg #wonkyveg #carrot #

A photo posted by Jane 💙 My SW journey (@janecrowthersw) on

Mooli Will See You Now

Madame mooli is waiting for you #WeirdVeg

A photo posted by Julie G (@thejuface) on

Brazen Aubergine
NSFW Tomato

#homegrown #tomatoes #tomatoplant #green #rudeveg #rude

A photo posted by jason molloy (@mortuuson42) on

Question Mark Zucchini

Question mark zucchini #weirdveg #hencamdailyanimal

A photo posted by Terry Golson (@terrygolson) on

Sleepy Pepper
NSFW Carrot

Just found this carrot... Does it look a knob to you or is it just me?? Hilarious..#knob#carrot#weirdveg#funny

A photo posted by Iona Sirveechay (@iona_service) on