How Dearborn Schools Became a Model for America

I woke up this morning to find out I'm the happiest gay Buddhist under Sharia Law, sipped my "America is doomed" latte (which tastes a lot like peppermint mocha) and read some wonderful news about the state of education here in metro Detroit.

Here in Dearborn, Michigan, we're now offering high school students the chance to get a diploma and an associates degree in five years. If they complete the program, the student will have paid nothing -- at no cost to students or parents except the property taxes they've already paid.

The best part of all? The credits transfer -- and you know Henry Ford College had to hustle to get that agreement with Michigan's public universities. Which, by the way, includes the University of Michigan -- the best public University in the world.

For all those who are naysaying President Barack Obama's plan to give free community college to all -- take that! Madrassas 1, Republicans 0. A community college education for free isn't just possible -- we're already doing it.

However, Dearborn didn't get here by accident. Despite all the patently moronic chatter about Dearborn Sharia Law (which I have made it a personal crusade to debunk with absurd humor) Dearborn is a model for education nation-wide because we pay for the services we get.

Over the last three elections in Dearborn, education has been on the ballot. Each time, whether it's a county-wide rise in taxes for more education dollars, a city-wide $76 million tax vote for education, or a city-wide ballot for more money for the Henry Ford community college to expand, Dearborn has consistently said, 'Yes, yes, yes!' to education. In fact, over the last 10 years, I can't recall a single time that we didn't vote 'yes' to higher taxes for education.

A society can be objectively judged on whether or not it prepares its young for adulthood. In America, it is past time to admit that an associates degree or some skilled trade is necessary in order to survive.

Here in Dearborn, we've accepted that truth. And you know what? After Dutch pioneers traveled here in the 1800s, waves of Italian and Irish immigrants, and now many Middle Eastern and Muslim immigrants, Dearborn has remained on top as a desirable community to live in.

That's because, here, we put our money where our mouth is. Maybe the rest of America likes to think they care about their children as much as we do. Maybe the people who speak nonsense about Dearborn being under Sharia Law think they care as much about their kids as our Muslim, Christian and, yes, even gay-Buddhist-veteran residents. But you know what I think?

Bullshit walks and money talks.