Uighur Brothers: Detainee Declines Offer To Leave Guantanamo Out Of Loyalty To Ailing Brother (VIDEO)

After eight years of detention, at least one Guantanamo Bay detainee declined an offer to resettle to the Pacific Island of Palau, according to The Washington Post. The man did so out of loyalty to his brother who is also a detainee and ailing from mental illness.

The men are Bahtiyar Mahnu and his brother Arkin. The brothers are Chinese Muslims known as Uighurs :

The only detainee not invited by Palau was Bahtiyar's older brother, Arkin Mahmud, 45, who has developed mental health problems that are apparently too serious to be treated in the sparsely populated country, said his attorney, Elizabeth Gilson.

To make matters worse, according to Gilson and military records, Arkin is a prisoner only because he went searching for Bahtiyar after the younger brother left their homeland eight years ago.

The brothers' lawyer Elizabeth Gilson explained their situation to The Washington Post.

Watch the interview with Elizabeth Gilson: