A UK Columnist Suggested Female Doctors Are Hurting The System. They Had The Perfect Response

Women shut down haters and show what it really takes to be #LikeALadyDoc

When Sunday Times columnist Dominic Lawson claimed this weekend that female doctors are to blame for England's department of health problems, expect a great Twitter hashtag to be born, stat.

#LikeALadyDoc took off on Twitter Monday as people responded to Lawson's sexist article, which claimed that an increasing number of women doctors are the reason England's NHS is having trouble with its contract for doctors. 

Lawson referred to the "feminization of medicine" and said that "increasing numbers of female graduates will create a major shortfall in primary care provision."

He goes on to state that female doctors are less inclined to work longer hours than their male counterparts because women have -- you know -- families to take care of.

Doctors, both female and male, adopted the hashtag #LikeALadyDoc and have responded to the sexist claims with humor, irony and straight up dismay.

Some of our favorites are below.

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