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UK Divorce Survey Finds That Majority Of Divorcees Think Process Is 'Too Easy'

Despite the cost, stress and pain of divorce, 57 percent of British people believe that the process is "too easy," a new study suggests.

And this isn't just true among happily married couples. According to the survey, conducted by ICM Research on behalf of the UK law firm Pannone, 56 percent of divorced people polled agree with the statement, “It is too easy to divorce these days."

ICM polled a total of 2,000 people of all marital statuses -- single, married, divorced and widowed -- in order to gauge their feelings about marriage and divorce.

In light of these findings, we posed the question to our Facebook and Twitter followers, asking them, "Do you think it's too easy to get a divorce?" Click through the slides below to see what HuffPost Divorce readers had to say. Then, continue the discussion in the comments section.

Is Getting A Divorce Too Easy?

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