UK Parliament's Porn Habit Is Both Fickle And Furious (INFOGRAPHIC)

Internet privacy controls and web site blocking
Internet privacy controls and web site blocking

David Cameron has been on a crusade to rid his country of the scourge of smut -- but he may need to start in his own parliament.

According to official records obtained by The Huffington Post UK, MPs and their staffs have attempted to access porn sites on Parliament Network servers more than 300,000 times since May of last year. Parliamentary officials are quick to note that the figure could be inflated by the automatic refreshing and various pop-up ads that tend to accompany such salacious sites.

"We do not consider the data to provide an accurate representation of the number of purposeful requests made by network users," a House of Commons spokesperson told the BBC. She added that the statistics don't necessarily reflect that a user "intended" to access these sites, which kind of sounds like the parliamentary porn version of Bill Clinton's "Definition of 'Is'" defense.

Regardless of whether the absolute numbers are accurate, they do reveal some startling trends in parliament's dirty habits. As shown in the infographic below, the figures vary wildly from month to month, peaking at 114,844 attempts in November 2012 and plummeting to just 15 attempts in February 2013.

Back in July, Cameron announced the implementation of nationwide Internet filters that would block pornography and various other content deemed unsuitable for impressionable minds. The blocks would be "default-on," meaning that adults who wanted to access such sites would be forced to "opt in" by turning off the filters -- a stipulation that had freedom of speech advocates crying foul.

The prime minister has argued that the filters are necessary to "protect our children and their innocence" from "damaging material" that is "distorting their view of sex and relationships."

But who will protect the parliament? Won't somebody please think of the MPs?



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