Dispatch from Donetsk: Big Surprise, Pro-Russian Separatists Ignore Accord

Masked pro-Russian gunmen guard an entrance of the Ukrainian regional office of the Security Service with a Russian National
Masked pro-Russian gunmen guard an entrance of the Ukrainian regional office of the Security Service with a Russian National flag is in background in Luhansk, Ukraine, Monday, April 21, 2014. U.S.Vice President Joe Biden is heading to Ukraine to meet with leaders of the turbulent country. Biden's visit comes a day after violence erupted in eastern Ukraine, despite an agreement last week aimed at easing tensions.(AP Photo/Alexander Zemlianichenko)

As events unfold in Ukraine, the Ukraine Informational Resistance -- a network of Ukrainian professors and intellectuals in Ukraine and abroad -- will keep The WorldPost readers informed about events from their perspective.

  • Our skepticism of the Geneva agreements was validated.

We concluded that Putin's attempt at any peaceful agreement is useless. Here is why.

On April 18, the Russian Foreign Ministry clarified the meaning of Russian agreements. They required immediate disarmament of "illegal groups" referred to as the Right Sector, the Ukrainian nationalists. And in terms of releasing the captured buildings, they are making an ultimatum for Kyiv's Maidan supporters to disarm as well.

Moscow is basically saying: disarm "your people," and then we will think about disarming our agents in eastern Ukraine, withdrawing Russian Special Forces and releasing captured buildings in Donetsk region.

How's that for a successful negotiation with Moscow?

  • The Communist Party of Ukraine, which is sympathetic to Russia, discarded already signed agreements from heads of factions which called on all parties to stabilize the situation in eastern Ukraine.

This fact alone shows that there is a war against Ukraine. The enemy's boots are tramping the Ukrainian land. Ukraine has lost a part of the territory, Crimea. In developed nations, any citizens as well as any politicians who hinder the way to victory are, at minimum, imprisoned. But this internal enemy, the Communist Party, is right in the Ukrainian Parliament, enjoying perks paid by taxes of the betrayed Ukrainian citizens.

  • The representatives of SBU (Security Service of Ukraine) announced on April 18 that the anti-terrorist operation in the eastern Ukraine was suspended due to Easter holidays and the convention in Geneva.

We found that to be rather strange. How can combat operations be stopped without a truce? The enemy is not backing away for the sake of the holiday. Furthermore, I have already commented on the worthiness of the Geneva Convention above.

But by halting operations over the weekend, Ukraine acted according to the Geneva agreements. This does not mean, however, that the "combat enforcers" -- Ukrainian troops sent from Kiev -- will be relaxing. The operation will continue with the following focus: blockading pro-Russian separatists and regaining seized buildings and roads.

  • Dnipropetrovsk Regional State administration head Igor Kolomoisky has rewarded the first person with10,000 who turned in a Russian commando.

Bravo for the motivation! This is a serious blow to the extremists -- now they cannot even take a short nap.

  • Zhytomyr paratroopers from the 95th airmobile brigade regained control of the two previously captured airborne combat vehicles in Kramatorsk region.

According to the Ukrainian emissaries, the battle was short but gruesome. The government enforcers wounded a number of pro-Russian extremists, but we are not allowed to shoot to kill. The tactic successfully intimidated the enemy and showed that combat can take place and must if necessary.