Ukrainian Singer Drops F-Bombs On Vladimir Putin During Live BBC Interview

When BBC anchor Dan Walker apologized for Maria Burmaka's swearing, she defiantly mouthed it again.

Ukrainian singer Maria Burmaka cursed out Russian President Vladimir Putin during a live BBC interview on Wednesday.

“I want to say to Putin — you’re a murderer, you’re an aggressor, Ukraine was never against Russia,” said the musician. “Like our soldiers say, ‘Fuck you.’”

As “BBC Breakfast” anchor Dan Walker apologized for Burmaka’s swearing, she defiantly mouthed the expletive again.

Watch the video here:

Burmaka has been bolstering morale in her home country by singing Ukraine’s national anthem from her Kyiv apartment window amid Russia’s invasion.

After she unleashed her anti-Putin denunciation, Walker told viewers: “Apologies for the language there, but I’m sure watching this morning you understand how strong Maria’s feelings are, and so many people in Ukraine trying to defend themselves and protect their families and look after their country.”

Walker later tweeted:

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