UK's Prime Minister Gordon Brown Agrees with Admiral Mike Mullen on "Redrawing Afghan Battle Space"

The Huffington Post asked the British Prime Minister for clarification on his stance on Afghanistan.
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In British Prime Minister Gordon Brown's final press conference at Downing Street before the Summer recess, he was asked about helicopters, holidays, football, the economy, and other items, including his predictions for the forthcoming Japanese election.

He gave a short statement at the beginning before fielding questions from an array of British and international reporters from television, radio and print.

Afghanistan and the current operation there came up at least three times during the press conference, so Huffington Post asked the British Prime Minister for clarification on his stance. The question was:

"With analysts concluding that militant infiltration from Pakistan accounts for about a third of the attacks on coalition troops in Afghanistan, do you agree with the Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen's statement that 'The two countries are inextricably linked in a common insurgency' and maps of the Afghan battle space needs to be redrawn?'"

The British Prime Minister answered categorically in the affirmative, that the tribal areas of Pakistan do need to be considered alongside Afghanistan, while also explaining that there were different elements on the ground, "Al Qaida, the Afghan Taliban, and the Pakistani Taliban."

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