UK's Prince Harry Gives Mel Gibson "Drunkard" Lessons!

Not only have the young Princes eschewed Jew-baiting - one of them has even developed medical concern for young ladies!
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It is rare that one sees signs of growth in members of the British royal family. After all their Teutonic bloodlines run deep - and humility and learning are not the strongest traits in the Mountbatten-Windsor (nee Battenberg) clan.

But it is very gratifying to note that the two princes born to Princess Diana have exhibited considerably growth in their behavior as drunks. They are now role models that Mel Gibson could learn from...

Just a year ago the young Princes' idea of a good giggle while inebriated was to show up at a party with one of them (Prince Harry) dressed as a Nazi.

Their timing was perfect. It was on the eve of the 60th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz death camp where more than a million Jews were murdered.

But today The Sun newspaper in England has published photographs of the two heirs to the British throne on its front page - snapped recently at a London nightclub - that demonstrate that they have clearly learned from their mistakes.

While both of them are patently as sloshed as a Mel in Malibu - on this occasion there is not a swastika between them! (Mel Gibson take note! You CAN be a raging drunkard WITHOUT having to taunt the Jews!)

And not only have the young Princes eschewed Jew-baiting - one of them has even developed medical concern for young ladies!

Members of the British Royal Family don't just forsake the fun of mocking the sacrifices of those who fought against Nazism without demonstrating personal growth. So Prince Harry is seen demonstrating his medical concerns for a young lady by giving her a full breast examination.

What Mel Gibson would probably call "weighing the sugar."

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and Prince Harry's official father Prince Charles, must be very proud that the young Prince Hal - third in line to the English throne - is such a socially and medically conscious young man. And a role model to lesser drunks such as Mel Gibson...

(Interestingly - the Royal Family's official spokesperson has just now confirmed that the photographs ARE authentic - and has disputed only the DATE that the photos were taken. If they were as recent as The Sun claimed - then Prince Harry's girlfriend of the past two and a half years might have some serious questions to ask him. So the Royal Flack has claimed that the photos are THREE years old. But no comment has been offered about the behavior of the Princes or about Prince Harry's medical qualifications to perform public breast examinations.)

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