Ulric Collette's 'Genetic Portraits' Depict Striking Family Resemblances (PHOTOS)

For some of us the phrase "you look just like your mother" is a compliment, while for others it may be traumatizing. Even if you don't see the resemblance on the surface, odds are it's there, and photographer Ulric Collette will provide the evidence.

In the mesmerizing series "Genetic Portraits," which we found on PetaPixel, Collette blends photo portraits of two relatives -- we see mother-daughter combinations, sisterly unifications, and other family pairings, revealing the similarities and differences our DNA writes onto our flesh.

While it's not quite science, we love observing these tight-knit strangers as two become one, showing just how much's song, "I Got It From My Mama" rings true.

Check out Collette's photos below and face the truth: Looking at your parents can be like looking into a crystal ball.

Collette's work will go on display at the Centaur Theater’s Seagram Art Gallery in Montreal from October 2 until October 28, 2012.

Let us know what you think of the collection in the comments section below. If you dare, make a genetic portrait of your own and send it to us!

Ulric Collette