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The Ultimate Guide To Regional Barbecue Sauce

It's easy for folks who didn't grow up with barbecue to lump it all together into one category of awesomeness. That's fine. Only it's also very wrong. Barbecue is a varied and vast world of flavors, meats, methods and ingredients. Before you take another bite of brisket or clean another rib, you should take a moment to learn what's what in the world of regional barbecue.

Mancrates put together an easy-to-read infographic explaining exactly what goes into each regional barbecue sauce. Some are heavy on the tomatoes, others rely more on the tang of vinegar, and some harken back to their Germanic roots with a heavy hand in mustard. Why should you bother knowing this? Because you just might find a barbecue sauce that's even more to your liking than you knew, and that makes for an even tastier summer.


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