The Ultimate Roundup Of Valentine's Day Gifts For Him, Her And Yourself

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A good Valentine’s Day gift is hard to find, whether you’re in search of last minute V-Day gifts for your husband, feminist gifts your girlfriend will love, or patriarchy-smashing finds for your girl gang. Fortunately, we’re experts in finding gifts your friends and lovers will adore as much as they adore you.

Here, we’ve rounded up all of our gift guides from Valentine’s Day, from last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts for him, to gifts for your girlfriend that aren’t jewelry.

Take a look below:

If your Valentine is the kind of person who hates candy hearts and sappy things, give them a corny card they’re sure to love as much as they love you. To narrow down the selection, we’ve found 15 corny Valentine’s Day cards for couples who really get each other.

They’re the loaf of your life, your bun in a million, and all you’ve avo wanted. Remind them why they have such strong felines for you with these punny V-Day cards.

If you and your girlfriend or boyfriend isn’t into sappy things, then the lovey-dovey messages in most Valentine’s Day cards probably aren’t encapsulating your true feelings for each other. That’s why we’ve gathered 22 anti-Valentine’s Day with just the right amount of snark, making them perfect for realists, not romantics.

With Feb. 14 fast-approaching, we wanted to give you some funny card options that won’t make you — or your partner — roll your eyes. Below, we’ve compiled 28 Valentine’s Day cards for her or him that are ideal for couples who don’t take the holiday so seriously.

Whether you’re shopping for a partner who’d enjoy a pair of slippers for a more laid-back Valentine’s Day, or a gal pal who needs a pair of portable wine glasses for her next girl’s trip, you’re bound to find the perfect gift on Amazon.

There are plenty of couples who don’t take Valentine’s Day too seriously, and we get it. For the couples who’d rather spend V-Day cozied up inside, but still want to show their partner how much they mean, we’ve pulled together a little list of some fun and sexy last minute Valentine’s Day gifts for him.

Whether he’s meticulous about his beard, needs some decorations to make his space more homey, or needs a wardrobe refresh, these gifts are sure to delight him on the cheesiest day of the year.

From clitoral stimulators and oral simulators to dual-use vibrators and versatile harnesses, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite ~sexy little things~ that’ll make your person say, “Be mine!” this Valentine’s Day.

For couples who land somewhere between loving the cheesiness of Valentine’s Day and despising everything the holiday stands for, it can be tough to find your person a truly unique and creative gift. Too often, it’s easier to turn to a bouquet or simple jewelry than do some digging for a creative one-of-a-kind gift.

Whether you’re looking for a personalized necklace to gift your partner or you’re a single lady who wants to treat herself to a fabulous new ring for yourself, there are plenty of Valentine’s Day jewelry options out there — that aren’t a heart necklace you’ll never really wear.

Whether it’s a T-shirt with her favorite female activists or a face mask to melt away the mansplaining she’s endured all day, there are plenty of ways you can show the badass babe in your life how much you understand her, see her and you support her — even though you both know she’s strong enough to do that all on her own.

She’s the Abbi to your Ilana, the ovaries you put before brovaries, and your ride or die. Show your patriarchy-smashing BFF just how much she means to you this Galentine’s Day.

Even if gifting flowers seems like a cheesy gift — it’s kind of a must for Valentine’s Day. Everywhere you go you’ll see roses and gorgeous floral arrangements in peoples homes, hands, and inevitably — their Instagram feed.

If you’re looking to love yourself just a bit more this Valentine’s Day (which, let’s be honest, should be an everyday thing), we’ve rounded up good gifts you’ll really want to give yourself this Valentine’s Day. Pamper yourself with a body scrub and bath bomb to enjoy after a long day. Create a living space that’s always treating you, with a soothing comforter or cozy throw pillow.

Not everybody enjoys gussying up on Valentine’s Day to head to a restaurant so overcrowded you can eavesdrop on the couple sitting next to you. Sometimes we just want to skip the cheesiness and have a quiet night in with our person, just be ourselves, and enjoy each other’s company without the added frills.

Whether you’re looking for good gifts to give yourself this V-Day, or are planning to surprise your partner with something ~extra fun~, you can’t go wrong with a pretty little lingerie set that you know you’ll look incredible wearing.

Think inside the box this Valentine’s Day with deliverable gifts, like a personalized subscription box, a home-cooked meal night at home for two, or sexy couples gifts that’ll make your special someone blush with excitement. To help, we’ve found some of our favorite gifts that come in a box.

For the parents who’ve already figured out how to make Valentine’s boxes out of paper and found unique Valentine cards for classmates, we’ve rounded up a fun and useful list of Valentine’s Day gift ideas for kids that will satisfy any little one.