The Outfits And People We Loved From Ultra Music Festival 2016

The festival was crazy. The outfits were crazier.

Ultra Music Festival, the culmination of Miami's incredible Music Week, was highlighted by world famous DJs and producers, massive stages and breathtaking light shows.

But the real stars of the weekend were the fans. About 165,000 festival-goers flocked to Miami's Bayfront Park for a three-day electronic music binge, enjoying the beautiful weather with a large helping of crunchy beats.

In true festival fashion, less was more at Ultra. Everywhere you looked, people from all walks of life were dressed in bathing suits, shorts or not much else and dancing to the mesmerizing tunes of the artists they came to see. When skin was covered, it was usually done so with an array of neon, lace and wigs in complex getups that required meticulous planning.

Ultra Music Festival 2016

Ultra Music Festival 2016

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