Powerful Video Looks At The True Cost Of Campus Rape

With the help of a new video, a women's advocacy organization wants to inform the public of the long-term impact campus rape has on survivors.

Ultra Violet, a community dedicated to women's rights, released a video on Sept. 14 revealing the true costs, both economic and emotional, that rape survivors often face. The video includes the statistic from a 2010 study that estimated that "total victimization costs" for rape were $151,423. Sadly, that isn't all. The video also details the emotional effects and legal obstacles involved as it highlights questions many rape survivors encounter such as, "Were you drinking?" 

In a press release, Shaunna Thomas, co-founder of Ultra Violet, said the organization released the video now since many students are returning to college campuses. The video serves as a way to educate others about rape culture.

"Whether the rapist is a star athlete or an honors students -- we can no longer allow rape on college campuses to continue to be swept under the rug, and have the true costs of sexual assault ignored," she said in a statement included in the press release. "It’s time for universities across America to protect the right of women to get an education without risking rape and the subsequent backlash that too many experience when they confront their rapist."

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